Verification & validation

Periodic verification & validation is a key component in our service & maintenance strategy to ensure accurate and reliable operation of the metering systems.

During the verification & validation activities all components affecting the metering accuracy and uncertainty are verified.

This will ensure that the metering system will measure within its design parameters, according industry standards such as AGA, API, MID, OIML, ISO, NORSOK etc. and Class Approval regulations such as BV, DNV, ABS, LR, etc., that the specified metering accuracy is achieved and contractual agreements between owners, charterers, managers and third parties are fulfilled.Typical validation services are:

  • As found and As left of pressure, temperature and DP transmitters
  • Repeatability and accuracy test of gas chromatographs
  • Velocity of sound checks of ultrasonic meters
  • Calculation checks of flow computers according agreed standards

In order to maximize performance through your existing assets.

After every check-up, a complete report with the recommended maintenance measures, will be handed-over. ISCS also delivers advice on operating and maintenance documentation, spare parts and troubleshooting.

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